Welcome to the Pleasure Center

Where Bliss is your Birthright!

Pleasure Center is all about helping individuals and couples rediscover their "why".

Our mission is to help you as an individual and as a couple rediscover the joy of life; help you unearth the passion that lies beneath the surface and that which can bring you new life and bliss!


Through intentional energy work, attending one of our retreats in spiritual growth, and helping you discover who you are as a wonderful alive human being, you can find deeper joy, deeper bliss and fulfillment, and yes, even confidence to move in this world. Yes, it is possible!

Private Sessions

If you would like to book a session with either David or Natalie or both, or want to inquire more about what that might entail, please email us for more information. Our goal is to help each individual find steps forward on their journey and we can discuss what that looks like for YOU!

Reignite the Fire

If you and your partner are looking for ways to kindle the spark between you, and desiring ways to bring a new passion to your partnership, book a session with us to begin a new level of discovery. Through the use of intentional breathwork, bodywork and connecting exercises, new-found happiness can be found both for singles and couples.